Let’s Swap Stories

As the structure for this discussion I offer stories from my manuscript, Dom’s an Odyssey, which unfold on Thursday night, April 8, 1976, at Dom’s, my then-famous Italian restaurant, as per the New York Times and James Beard. We are hosting consecutive banquets, the first, a quiet, early dinner for six close friends and the second, an all-night bash for 250 people, to honor the rock group, Boston… read more

Only Women Could Be Witches

The following story from my manuscript combines restaurant activity and a discussion of the roles of Italian and Italo women.

Over by the bar my three sisters, my young aunt, Elena, and family friend, Barbara Summa, the core of the party wait staff had arrived and were huddled with Frankie (Dom’s assistant manager and chef). The conversation was about the issues of tonight’s event… Read More